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Emily Pascual

NJ: Glen Rock

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I was born in Utah, but moved around a lot!! I have lived in California, Virginia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, the Dominican Republic, New York and now in New Jersey.


I am married and have three children. Madeline who is eighteen and Daniel and Ryan, who are 16 year old twins.


I love spending time with my family, reading, being outside, and music. I love summertime...swimming, vacations, bbq's, etc.


I graduated with a bachelors in Elementary Education and a minor in Spanish.


I am so excited to be a director of Singers Company! From the moment that I heard about it, I knew that I wanted to be part of this great organization! I grew up in a home filled with music. My mother is an accomplished cellist and has played in the Loudoun Symphony for many years. I took piano from the time I was eight and was involved in choirs and school performances throughout my childhood.

Now that I am a mother, I have a great desire for my children to grow up with the same opportunities that I had. I also want to share this opportunity with others. We live in a wonderful family-friendly town. I feel so strongly that this will be such an amazing program in this area. One that will influence so many for good.

Emily Pascual's location Glen Rock, NJ


Emily Pascual

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NJ: Glen Rock

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